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NEW BOOK – Cover reveal !!

Wednesday 15th April 2015


After a long, long wait I can now reveal the cover(s) of the new book!!

The UK cover is on the left and will be published on 10 September, the one on the right is for the US edition, which will arrive four days earlier on 6 September.

I like them both. The contents? Well, that’s up to you to decide…

So, why a different cover and title? I hear you ask…

It’s down to differing markets and other subtle and yet complex things my publishers tell me about and I nod at but do not claim to fully understand. The important thing to note is that, apart from a few spellings, it is the SAME book, so please don’t buy it twice in error then give me a terrible review on Amazon (it’s happened).

Speaking of buying the book, you can also now pre-order using the links below:

Pre-order Solomon Creed UK edition

Pre-order Solomon Creed US edition

It’s hard to fully express how important pre-orders are. They can often make or break a book because they are used as early indicator of how popular a book is likely to be which in turn affects pricing, orders, press interest – everything. And the more people order, the cheaper the book becomes. The way Amazon works is that even if you pre-order now you only pay the price of the book on release, which is always much lower. Thanks to your amazing support for all my previous books the release date costs have always been at least 50% cheaper than list price.

So thank you for your patience. I write the books as fast as I can, I promise, and I hope you like the new book and ultimately think it was worth the long wait.


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