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Saturday 18th August 2012


As the more observant of you have spotted, Sanctus and The Key are the first two books of a trilogy. This means there’s a third book coming down the line. Also, as about three quarters of the queries on my Facebook and Twitter pages relate to this book, I thought I’d do a little post here to answer some of the questions being asked.

1) I am writing it now and am closing in on a 1st draft.

2) It is due out in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in April 2013.

3) It will come out in The US and Canada in June (so far as I know – this may change, in which case I’ll post something here)

4) As soon as I know publication dates in other countries I will post it here and on Facebook and Twitter.

5) The working title is ‘End of Days’ – though this will undoubtedly change as ‘Sanctus’ and ‘The Key’ were both originally called ‘Ruin’.

6) In it you will find out what happens to both Liv and Gabriel, as well as Arkadian, Athanasius and – actually – everyone else on the planet.

That’s about all I can say at the moment, mostly because I need to get back to writing it…


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